About Turkey

About Turkey

Turkey is the meeting place of the East and the West. The two continents that Istanbul, the nation’s largest and most exciting city, sits astride are now connected by one of the world’s largest single-span suspension bridges, the Bosphorus Bridge.

The progress that you see in Turkey has turned the country into the land of contrasts. Here a modern high-scraper towers over a 15th century mosque; horse carts full of ripe, juicy red watermelons are not at all uncommon sights, even in the busiest city traffic. In Turkey you can observe the Moslem faithful at prayer, bowing toward Mecca and the East; a few steps away you can watch younger Turks in psychedelic disco.

Forget about any language barriers! The largest English-language University of the Middle East is in Ankara. Nearly every student has studied English and is anxious to practice it. People who don’t speak English are most adept at sign language of whatever variety you care to practice, and communicating your ideas and needs never really posses much of a problem.

The contrasts are here, the novelties which every visitor expects to find, but they are such that you can relax and enjoy the differences, yet never completely break from your familiar ways. Here you will find that comforting orientation point in the easy balance of Eastern and Western cultures.

Population over 70 million

Area 800,000 square km

Religion 98 % Muslim

Political Status Democratic

Capital City Ankara

Other Facts: 71 cities in Turkey

28 universities

third largest army in NATO

Turkey is a self-supporting country